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Kingdom Ministries’ Faith Maternity Care of Mid-Missouri is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) tax exempt, faith-based maternity home that provides housing and other assistance to young mothers who choose life for their baby.

It was founded in July 2002 by Alan and Neena Lord. While serving as director of the local crisis pregnancy center in Fulton, Neena Lord saw many women with unplanned pregnancies and no support. In September 2008, Faith Maternity Care purchased a home to serve as the permanent residence of the ministry.

Their goal is to provide the necessary life skills to empower mothers to succeed and become self-sufficient as they choose to parent their children or choose adoption as a path for their children.

Faith Maternity Care is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ensuring residents have consistent, around the clock support. It can house up to five women with each resident having their own room. The house features a family room area, which can accommodate a mother with up to two children younger than age 12 and her new baby.

They actively work with various Children’s Division offices to help residents reunify with their older children. Residents are welcome to stay at Faith Maternity Care free of charge for the duration of their pregnancies, and for some time after their babies are born. If eligibility requirements are maintained, mothers can continue receiving services through their child’s first birthday.

While living at Faith Maternity Care, residents set goals and receive intensive case management to assist them in working toward achieving these goals. They also participate in weekly individual and group learning, focusing on pre-natal/post-natal care, healthy relationships, life skills and an array of other topics.

Faith Maternity Care also maintains a fully functioning “Baby Boutique” on-site which assists mothers in preparing for their unborn child’s material needs, as well as meeting the material needs of their babies after birth. For each class a resident completes they receive $5 in “Baby Bucks” to use to purchase items in the boutique. All residents also have access to trauma counseling, chiropractic care, full doula services and a newborn photography session.

There are two main programs within Faith Maternity Care — the residential and the non-residential programs. If a mother has a safe place to live, she does not need to stay as a resident in order to receive services.

“We are also partnered with First Chance for Children to offer free diapers, wipes, and other baby products to anyone in the community who is in need,” Program Director Shannon McPherson said. “We work closely with SERVE and The Free Store to share any surplus of items we have in order to make sure they get to the people who need them as quickly as possible.”

To qualify for residential services, individuals must complete a phone interview with the program director, at least 18 years old, able to provide proof of pregnancy, a resident of Missouri, at or below 185 percent of the federal poverty level, agree to participation in prenatal care and smoking cessation, and agree to follow all house rules.

The non-resident program services includes: pre/post-natal education, adoption education and referral, parenting education, health and nutrition education, budgeting and money management education, healthy relationships, household management education, support in obtaining education and/or employment, life coaching, Bible study and mentoring, limited case management, rent/utility assistance, and access to the Baby Boutique.

Faith Maternity Care is supported by the donations of individuals, churches, and community organizations. To get involved at Faith Maternity Care individuals are able to volunteer, send financial donations, send material donations, donate Mosers receipts — Mosers will generously donate a percentage of all receipts collected, raise money on or shop using Amazon Smile.

“We are always looking for volunteers,” McPherson said. “We need help with transportation, our Baby Boutique, and teaching life skills. Please call 573-642-7414 if you are interested!”

Next year is Faith Maternity Cares’s 20th anniversary. To celebrate, they have set a 10-year goal to serve more than 1,000 women and help them prepare to parent 1,000 children.

“To kick off the next decade we are beginning our Caring Through Cars Campaign,” McPherson said. “In order to maintain employment and become self-sufficient, these moms need reliable vehicles. We are partnering with Sakelaris Auto Group and Jefferson City Autoplex to find and purchase safe previously owned vehicles for these incredible moms. The moms will have to complete a life skills course on vehicle maintenance, and they will have to donate 100 hours towards volunteering in the community to earn a vehicle. This will also help them develop supportive community relationships. We are also hosting an ‘Adopt a Window’ fundraiser on our website.”

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