Farhana Rahman captures sweet bond between a mother and newborn

The whole studio is engrossed with the shutter sound of the camera, behind the lens, a young woman is capturing photos relentlessly. 

This scenario might not be seen often. But this is a frequent incident in Farhana Rahman Photography studio. Farhana Rahman has added a new dimension to the field of “Baby Photography” in Bangladesh, reads a press release.

To materialise the dream of being a photographer, Farhana Rahman had to go through a lot of challenges. The dream was started with a camera in 2015. 

Farhana Rahman started capturing her photos and uploading them on social media. Besides, she worked in a company as a photographer. Through strong determination and passion, she was constructing her dream gradually. In 2016, she started baby photography which led her to win the best photographer award in 2017.

By framing the sweet bond between a mother and a neonatal, Farhana Rahman brings an unprecedented change to the world of photography. On November 24, 2021, she launched the largest baby photography studio in Bangladesh. 

In recognition of this, she won the award for excellence in the Best Baby Photography category at the “Bangladesh Women Inspirational Award-2022.” In 2019, she was also awarded “IPDC Rising Star Award.”

In 2018, she started her own studio “Farhana Rahman Photography”. But the story was not confined only to Farhana’s life. She is now the CEO and lead photographer of a leading photography company, Where more than two and a half million followers on the official Facebook page of “Dreammates Bangladesh” along with many positive reviews.

As an amateur fashion design student, she also launched her own online clothing brands called “Fashion Factory by Farhana” and “FarZah- The Hijab Brand.”

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