I Missed My Son’s Newborn Photoshoot, But I Am Really Proud Of These Pictures I Created For Other Mums (14 Pics)

8 years ago, after a lot of unfavorable medical conditions and complications and I got the fortune to become a mum. The miracle happened. When my pregnancy was confirmed, it was one of the greatest joyful moments I had ever felt before.

During the delivery, I developed some more complications due to which life became complicated and as a result, I missed my baby’s newborn photoshoot.

Honestly, 8 years ago, it was not as popular too. Initially, I didn’t bother much. However, later being a mother, undergoing postpartum depression, I started to feel guilty that I missed professionally capturing photos of an important life milestone.

As time went on, I myself become a professional newborn photographer and I really wanted to do something for my baby who was nearly 2.5 years old by this time. And I did end up taking his portraits myself like a newborn baby to satisfy my own feelings. These portraits came out so beautiful and they are a treasure for me.

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