Local photographer offers tips for newborn photos at home | Coronavirus

PUNXSUTAWNEY — Vanessa Huey is trying to ease some of the strain on new mothers during the coronavirus the best way she knows how, with photography tips for photos of newborns.

Huey is the owner of Vanessa Huey Photography, and one of the services she offers is newborn photos. She has had to cancel all her scheduled photoshoots.

Not only is that upsetting to her, but she began to worry about the new moms who would not have newborn photos. She took to Facebook to ask if parents would be interested in some tips to taking newborn photos themselves, and offering some retouching services for free.

“Instead of all these moms who are so upset feeling like ‘I have to miss out on this opportunity,’ the only thing I could think to do is to give my best tips and advice and encourage them to take their own photos,” Huey said.

She received a number of positive responses to her offer of a tutorial, and found herself in front of a camera with a stuffed animal offering a live tutorial video on April 6. Within 35 minutes of going live the video had recorded about 2,900 views.

“You only get one chance for them to be this little,” Huey said.

She said the photos aren’t something essential, but many moms want them. It makes her feel better to know that moms are taking their own photos and not missing out. She said she knew moms would be taking their own pictures, but this will help take them in a professional way.

Huey said she had about 10 newborn sessions, and several hospital sessions already booked that she had to cancel. She was also offering milk bath mini-sessions for babies who could sit up, and had to postpone those too.

“What’s nice for them is they can take them whenever the baby is ready. When they schedule with me, we have to hope the baby is in the right mood,” Huey said.

Huey also knows mothers who are pregnant, but have not had their baby yet. She hopes this helps them to relax a bit, and enables them to start considering how they could take photos at home once the baby is born.

In her tutorial, Huey discusses lighting, how to set up a space, what parents will need, and how to prepare and position the baby. The livestream is posted to her Facebook page, Vanessa Huey Photography, and she has added notes since filming it.

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