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OLCOTT — Jessica Stewart has worked as a professional photographer for the past four years but she took a big step this past October, moving work out of her home and into her new studio on East Main Street. 

“It’s been doing really well,” Stewart said of the new work space. “I knew that it was going to be slower in the winter, just because this area is a bit more seasonal, but that was fine because I wanted time to get things ready to go for the spring and summer, and honestly it’s been going great.”

Stewart’s photography business was difficult to manage during the pandemic, yet despite this, she has managed to make it thrive. Having old school friends contact her about taking baby photos certainly helped.

“A lot of people I went to school with contacted me about pictures for newborn babies,” she said. “I just had to make sure that the space was sanitized and clean.”

Stewart’s specialties are maternity photography and senior portraits.

“Having children of my own, it feels like such a beautiful thing to be a mom.” she said. “I think that’s something that should be celebrated.”

Taking senior portraits invokes a similar feeling to her, since she teaches music at Cadence Music School in Clarence for kids that age.

“A lot of my students, I have from middle school to the time they graduate,” she said, “So that’s just a natural progression of that.”

The backdrops that she has for photos she takes include a starscape and a homemade cloudy background. Stewart also has experience in taking composite photos. These involve digitally editing a real life photograph into different settings. These can involve fantastical sorts of locations, and Stewart has even mentioned doing Star Wars-themed composite photos. One particular photo she has shows her son reading from a giant book that he’s lying on top of.

Due to Stewart and her husband both being from the area, she thought that Olcott was an ideal location to set up her studio and hopes that she can bring a thriving business to the community.

“We grew up in this area, We’re raising our children in this area. I bring my kids down to the carousel park all the time,” said Stewart. “I just want to see this whole area in general expand, and get new blood in here. We want to see it do well.”

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