Quit your 9-5, become a newborn photographer

People are increasingly quitting their corporate jobs to photograph babies as it pays well

For parents, getting to see their newborn is an immensely precious moment. With newborn baby photography gaining momentum and trending around the world, many corporate employees are quitting their jobs to become newborn photographers as it comes with good pay.

While some hospitals have their own studios to capture baby photographs, some people also take their infants to professional studios and get their pictures clicked.

Babies are dressed up in adorable outfits and often props are used to make the pictures special.

Newly-turned parents too know that baby photography is very in demand now. Many such parents, who are working in IT companies, are starting to learn photography and switching fields.

Benedicta Sonia S, Founder/ Director of Casper Photography, and her husband Xavier George, Operation Manager at the same place, quit their corporate jobs to take up baby photography as their profession.

Sonia told BM, “Over the last few years, lots of parents have been wanting baby shoots. Firstly, we love babies. The passion of creating something very unique and creative with 5 to 15-day-old babies, which can be cherished for a lifetime, made us opt for this line. My husband and I do this as a team and the experience has been highly overwhelming and fulfilling.”

When asked how new born babies must be handled for shoots, she said, “Babies should be handled very carefully and you need a lot of knowledge regarding handling them. There are a lot of dos and don’ts which we have mastered over the years as a couple. So yes, special training is required.”

So, how does one come up with creative ideas for these shoots?

According to Sonia, there is a method.

“We check with the likes of the mothers during pregnancy and their ideas and thoughts. All this makes us create something new and personalised each and every time,” she explained.

The cost of newborn photography, depending on the package, ranges from Rs 10,000 to Rs 60,000 or even higher.

Parents have been enquiring about shooting with different themes like Harry Potter, Marvel and DC Superheroes

– Aditya Bose, photographer

Aditya Bose, feelance photographer and videographer, said, “There has been a rise in people enquiring about baby photography. This is not just for newborns but even toddlers. Parents have been enquiring about shooting with different themes – ideas like Harry Potter, Marvel and DC Superheroes, unicorn and princess themes, and so on. Earlier there weren’t many parents who were willing to spend on something like this, but now since everyone is doing it, it’s become a trend that will stay.”

Rahul R, who worked in software companies and has now taken up photography, said, “For one shoot we can get around Rs 25-50,000. However, one needs to know how to capture the shots while being conscious of the infant’s comfort.”

Melchior Herman Fernandes, Business Development Executive and Co- Founder, Rainbow Hues, said, “When my son Jordan was born, my wife and I wanted to do something extra special for him and create cute memories of him that he could look back upon and cherish later in life. We did some research and realised that a baby photoshoot with innovative props was just the right thing! We got the best photographer couple who got our baby to pose, which was so unbelievable. They dressed our son up as a bee, an angel, a baby in a wreath, a hammock, a moon, and more, and used a whole lot of other props to create memories that would last forever.”

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