Soap Stars Scott And Melissa Reeves Share Happy Family News

Scott and Melissa Reeves have two children, Emily born in 1992 and Larry born in 1997, who have blessed their parents with four grandsons in the last three years. Emily and her husband Nate Smith have two sons: Woods, born in August 2020, and Wyatt, who joined the family in late 2021 (via popculture). Larry and his wife Olivia, who own and operate a photography business Two and Yonder in Tennessee, had a son named Law in September 2020 and on July 14, 2022 welcomed baby boy No. 2 (via SoapHub).

Melissa took to Instagram to share the news of the most recent little one’s arrival, captioning a picture of the newborn in part, “We have been waiting for you precious buddy . . . Life is beautiful.” Scott also posted a photo holding the baby, writing, “Our little man number four, Abel Theodore Reeves! We are so blessed and he is amazing! We love you with all of our heart Abel Teddy and can’t wait to see what God has in store for you!”

There’s no doubt that Scott, Melissa, and their family are celebrating their newest addition and will no doubt have their hands full chasing after four boys under the age of two! Congratulations to two of daytime’s favorite grandparents!

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