This US Town Bans Smartphones! But, It Seems Like Visitors are Happy in the ‘Quiet Zone’ — Here’s Why

This U.S. town is actually different from other places. Instead of allowing visitors to use their smartphones, Pocahontas County, which is located in West Virginia, doesn’t recommend using online devices.

This US Town Bans Smartphones! But, It Seems Like Visitors are Happy in the 'Quiet Zone'—Here's Why

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Picture taken on April 25, 2018 shows a modified caution sign warning against so-called “smombies”, people watching their smartphones, in a street close to a school in Reutlingen, southern Germany.

Even if you try to use your smartphone, all you can do is access your photos, offline apps, and other files since there is no internet or cellular connection there. 

If you love to take photos of the places you visit and share them on your social media accounts, this will be a nuisance. 

But, for other people, Pocahontas County is a life-changing place. 

This US Town Bans Smartphones!

According to a Business Insider author, Anna Rollins, Pocahontas County is a town that is not serviceable by internet or cellular. 

This US Town Bans Smartphones! But, It Seems Like Visitors are Happy in the 'Quiet Zone'—Here's Why

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A person records rain and wind on his smartphone as Hurricane Delta makes landfall on October 9, 2020 in Lake Arthur, Louisiana. Hurricane Delta makes its way toward Louisiana, threatening to bring powerful winds and storm surge to the area of the coast still recovering from Hurricane Laura.

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She said that when they arrived at Watoga State Park, West Virginia, text messages weren’t not working. Rollins shared that she received a friend’s message saying she had given birth to a baby girl. 

Of course, she wanted to congratulate her on the newborn baby. However, the “Message failed to deliver” notification popped up when Anna tried to her text message. 

She asked her husband about this, and the man clarified that there was no cell service in the area. Her husband added that using smartphones there is actually “illegal.”  

Pocahontas County Visitors’ Experience

Most parts of Pocahontas County have no internet or cellular service because the area is actually used for scientific research. 

It is called the “Quiet Zone” because authorities make sure that online devices will not interfere with the Green Bank Observatory’s large telescope. 

Since smartphones are not serviceable in the area, Rollins said that she became better at parenting since she has fewer distractions. 

If you want to see further details about her family’s experience in the “Quiet Zone,” you can click this link

On the other hand, Lifestyle AllWomensTalk provided some advantages of not using smartphones, such as the following: 

  • You will have more time for your true enjoyment. 
  • Your eyes will have more rest since you do not peer at a tiny screen. 
  • You will become less reliant on the internet, which is a good thing for your mental health. 

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