Two birds, one party: Mahvin Photography celebrates new brand identity and birthday

Since the beginning of her professional career back in 2016, Haghighatjoo has been passionately capturing the most precious moments of a newborn’s life through her natural eye for design and creative use of props and backdrops. After being certified to work with newborns, she has advanced her talents in photography through self-education, extensive research, and by attending workshops hosted by the best photographers worldwide with certificates to attest to her talents; but it is with hands-on experience that she has truly mastered her craft. With her aptitude for set composition, the photographer’s stylish and expansive studio located at the Fraser Suites in Sidra Tower easily transforms to any theme imaginable.

Starting the company under the name of Emotions Studio, Haghighatjoo has decided to do a full rebrand to represent the studio’s growth, her evolved style, and an enhanced personal approach with clients. With the new brand identity carrying her name, she considers the studio as a reflection of herself and her vision in adapting to meet current and future clients’ shifting needs.

“It’s very important to me that my clients know that despite an all-new branding, Mahvin Photography Studio retains its established values and client-centric approach for every shoot. I have planned to host a celebration that will both address the rebrand and serve as a social function for my patrons but due to the pandemic-related restrictions imposed in the city, it has been pushed back for a full year,” said Mahvin Haghighatjoo, professional photographer and studio owner. “On the bright side, the new schedule coincides with my birthday so it really could not have come at a better time. I think it’s the perfect chance to celebrate with the people who have really positively impacted my business with their continuous support and encouragement.”

Over the course of her 7-year career, Mahvin Haghighatjoo has photographed over 2000 babies and families. Mahvin also plans to teach newborn and baby photography classes and mentor budding photographers who are interested in this niche.

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