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Welcome to Torrance Memorial’s Web Nursery, a special service for parents of babies born at our hospital. Families who choose to participate can have their babies featured in our Web Nursery.

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How It Works

When you arrive at Torrance Memorial Medical Center to have your baby, you will have the option of having a digital photo taken of your baby for viewing on the World Wide Web. Your family and friends will be able to see your new bundle of joy within 72 hours of discharge.

Parents will be given a customer ID number and password.

Parents will need to share both the ID number and their password with anyone that wants to view the photos of their baby.

For your family’s security, last names are never used. Your baby will be identified by first name and last initial. Mom and Dad are also identified by first name only.

If you have any questions about our Web Nursery, please call 866-284-0620 or visit Mom 365 website.

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