Whale and Newborn Calf Spotted Off Cape Solander Coast

A rare southern right whale and newborn calf were filmed for the first time this migration season off the coast of Cape Solander in Kurnell, New South Wales, on Friday, July 15, according to the region’s environment minister.

Drone footage filmed by photographer Brett Lobwein, and released by New South Wales Minister for Environment James Griffin, shows the pair.

The environment minister’s press office explained the calf’s size and light grey colour indicate that it is days or even hours old in the footage. “The calf also has a somewhat curled tail which is a sign of the foetal folding evident for only a few days after birth,” the press office said.

Fewer than 300 southern right whales migrate up the New South Wales coast each winter, it said.

Minister Griffin said, “What we don’t know, we can’t protect, and the more we understand about these rare whales, the more effective we can be in our efforts to protect and conserve them.” Credit: Brett Lobwein Photography via Storyful

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